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Free downloadable books.
These sites all offer, completely free, whole books, particularly those on which the copyright has expired, so they're often not the most up-to-date ones. Still, there are plenty of interesting things. What about a complete Shakespeare, for example?

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts ("a collection of public-domain documents from American and English literature and Western philosophy")

Books (thousands of free out-of-copyright books – follow the path to the Electronic Library - and excellent biographical information about writers)

Books-On-Line (claimed in August 2003 to have 21113 mostly free books)

Electronic books (useful list of free - and also non-free - e-book sites from the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library)

Great Books Index ("An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation")

NetLibrary (large numbers of free books and more besides)

The Online Books Page (a well-organised site)

Project Gutenberg (the original online book project, originally conceived by Michael Hart in 1971 - thousands of great books for free)

The Rosetta Project (ambitious project to create the biggest library of antique illustrated children’s books in the world – fascinating)

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