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A few useful sites:

Breaking Down The Walls (award-winning intercultural learning site created by a group of 4th and 5th grade kids in Wisconsin and aimed at the 9-11 age group)

British Council British Studies Gateway

The British Council in Poland's British Studies Page (some interesting materials and ideas)

Culture Matters - The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook (large .pdf document with a strong practical bias)

Cultural Studies from Birmingham ejournal (online journal from the prestigious Centre for Cultural Studies of Birmingham University, now apparently closed down so the site hasn't been updated since 1999)

Delta Intercultural Academy (online forum for intercultural education and training - articles, reviews,, discussions etc)

eserver (Cultural Studies links page)

Kingwood College Library American Cultural History of the Twentieth Century (excellent series of decade-by-decade guides with very good links to further detail on whatís covered)

The KIDLINK KIDPROJ Multicultural Calendar (descriptions by kids of how holidays and festivals are celebrated all round the world - a very rich resource)

Language and Civil Society (from the same people as "Forum" magazine - lesson plans on civic education and related topics, including cross-cultural awareness)

McGraw Hillís Multicultural Supersite (activities, links etc from American publisher)

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues (very comprehensive and well researched - fascinating)

Now Youíre Talking ( an entire textbook designed to mix language and cultural learning - one of several books on the same site written by Messrs Finch and Hyun - aimed at Korean learners but very interesting as an example of good ideas for adoption and adaptation elsewhere)

Paul Gorskyís Multicultural Pavilion (ideas, resources, links, etc for multicultural education)

Portrait of the USA (from the government, so with a certain angle, but still a good source of information about various aspects of the USA - manages to be both concise and informative)

Resources for Multicultural Education (a good set of links from a US university)

Ruth Vilmiís Culture Pages (pieces about Finnish culture from Helsinki Technical University students and some good cultural links)

Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center (all sorts of interesting links)

Teaching Tolerance (materials and ideas for promoting tolerance from the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA)

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