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A few powerful resources.

The Alternative Dictionary (learn to swear in hundreds of languages!)

English-to-American (a fun and interesting, though far from huge, comparison between British and American English vocabulary)

The Internet Picture Dictionary (in several languages – pictures and words grouped thematically and also activities for practising)

Neologisms - a Dictionary of Findable Words and Phrases (A-Z of new words and expressions)

Notes on American English (British and American spellings, pronunciations and meanings compared)

One Look Dictionaries (online English monolingual dictionary search covering over 500 dictionaries)

Online Dictionaries (collection of both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries from a teachers’ association page in Germany)

Online Etymology Dictionary (excellent and well-organised resource created by a US journalist, Douglas Harper)

The Phrase Finder (5000 phrases explained)

Ted Duckworth’s Dictionary of Slang (huge slang dictionary)

Visual Thesaurus (type in your word and get its friends in spidergram format)

yourDictionary.com (dictionaries for over 250 different languages plus 80 specialist subjects - a goldmine)

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