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A small selection

Environmental Education (from "Forum" magazine – ten clearly written units on various aspects of environmentalism)

Environmental Education Web Resources (range of useful links to resources for teachers wishing to bring an environmental angle into their work)

Friends of the Earth (homepage of international environmental organisation)

GLOBE project (worldwide environmental education project)

Greenpeace (homepage of worldwide environmental organisation)

IATEFL Global Issues SIG (homepage of SIG dedicated to promoting global issues in ELT)

KIDPROJ (global projects for secondary school learners to become involved in)

Learnpeace (educational resources from the Peace Pledge Union - dedicated to the belief that nonviolence is better than violence in solving problems)

The New Internationalist in Easier English (respected journal, specially adapted for EFL learners)

Planet Ark (Reuter’s Daily Environment News, including a good A-Z archive on environmental issues)

Scientists for Global Responsibility (UK-based organization promoting ethical science and technology – good on issues like arms, genetic modification, and climate change)

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