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Under construction, but here are a few resources to be going on with.

Breaking Down The Walls (award-winning intercultural learning site created by a group of 4th and 5th grade kids in Wisconsin and aimed at the 9-11 age group)

Britkid ("a website about race, racism, and life, as seen through the eyes of the Britkids" - good resources for the classroom - try the 'serious issues' section)

D.FILM Moviemaker (make your own simple cartoon films!)

The EFL Playhouse (“a resource for teachers of young learners” – arts and crafts, chants, games, songs etc)

Enchanted Learning (a very rich collection of resources for teachers of young kids - printouts, jokes, and lots more too)

Eric Carle Teacher Resource File (ideas for how to work with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and other Eric Carle publications)

ESL KidStuff (flashcards, worksheets, songs, games, and more besides)

Free Coloring Pages (downloadable pictures for kids to colour in – also features a good selection of links to other similar sites)

Genkienglish ("Primary School Language Games, Songs and Ideas" – from Japan but of interest to teachers and kids elsewhere too)

The Internet Picture Dictionary (in several languages – pictures and words grouped thematically and also activities for practising)

Kidlink (excellent Norway-based site whose aim is to "empower children to build social and knowledge networks")

The KIDLINK KIDPROJ Multicultural Calendar (descriptions by kids of how holidays and festivals are celebrated all round the world - a very rich resource)

Learn English KidsZone (children’s section of a site from the British Council – games, songs, poetry, competitions, advice for parents, and more)

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun (games to practise vocabulary, such as ‘Hangman’, ‘Word Search’, and a ‘Matching Game’)

Let's Find Out (online encyclopaedia)

Mind Maps for Kids (guidance on what a mind map is and how to make and use them, with examples)

One Green Leaf ("10 Earth Songs for Kids" from Renata Suzuki in Japan - lyrics and melodies for ten songs that combine language and environmental awareness learning)

The Rosetta Project (ambitious project to create the biggest library of antique illustrated children's books in the world - fascinating)

The Story Place Pre-School Library (theme-based ideas for very young kids, with stories accompanied by activities and ideas for parents and teachers)

Stuff (Steve Chadwick's educational site with some good links to school homepages)

Surfing The Net With Kids (a brilliant site, with lots of good child education-oriented links, weekly email of good sites possible)

The Teacher’s Mousepad (resources for teachers of young learners, with a bias towards using technology in the classroom) ("the fun place to learn online" – over 600 games and activities for kids, plus advice and practical advice for parents – a very rich resource)

YLSIG (website of the IATEFL Young Learners’ Special Interest Group – contacts, resources etc)

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