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The links in this section, as the title suggests, have little in common apart from being much too interesting to leave out. Try them!

1upinfo ("a portal with a difference" – huge range of resources in such areas as the environment, history, literature, philosophy, and science – articles, bibliographies, and links)

Adbusters (militant anti-advertising body)

The AFU and Urban Legends Archive (huge urban legends site)

Banknotes.com (pictures of banknotes from all over the world)

BBC English by Radio (listening and reading texts and exercises, information for teachers etc)

The CIA World Factbook (factual profiles of every country in the world, maps etc, compiled by US intelligence agency)

Computer Stupidities (splendid selection of anecdotes about real-life problems between humans and computers)

How Stuff Works (Explanations, tutorials, advice, links - a goldmine)

Japan Life (lovely collection of weird and wonderful abuses of the English language)

Japanese Engrish (site dedicated to the misuse of English in Japan)

The Librarians’ Index to the Internet (an astonishing collection of links on almost any topic under the sun)

Lives - the biography resource (claims to be the largest biography site on the Web)

Myths and Legends (huge myths and legends links site)

Online Conversion (convert anything you want – fahrenheit to centigrade, hectares to acres, euros to Czech crowns…)

Repeat After Us (a site created by Ellie Wen, an 11th grade student in California, with a collection of texts of all sorts of types, "including poems, fables, essays, soliloquies, historical speeches, memorable quotes, nursery rhymes, and children's stories from around the world", many of them available as sound files as well as in written form)

Symbols.Com (thousands of commonly-used symbols explained)

Twisted Tunes (song parodies)

Werdna Humor (collection of bizarre articles, jokes, lists etc)

What’s in a brain? (basic guide to what’s between our ears, how it works, what it does etc)

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