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Almost every newspaper has some kind of an online edition these days.
Some of them are very similar to their print counterparts, others differ a lot. This alphabetised list is only a small selection; if your favourite is not listed try accessing it through through one of the links below.

Actualidad (continent-by-continent and country-by-country links to a vast array of newspapers in many languages)

Crayon (create your own newspaper)

The Daily Mirror (British centre-left tabloid)

The Daily Telegraph (a slightly more right-wing quality paper )

The Drudge Report (breaking news and lots of links to the US & British press)

The Drudge Retort (satire and lots of links)

The Financial Times (quality paper focused on business and economics)

Fortean Times Online (“the journal of strange phenomena” - wonderful source of bizarre stories)

Freedom Tour (travel agency site with links to large numbers of British newspapers)

The Guardian (online version of British quality paper - excellent news coverage and possibility of email digest ‘The Fiver’ and 'The Spin' for football and cricket fans respectively)

The Independent (a British daily quality broadsheet newspaper)

The International Herald Tribune (US daily paper with an international orientation)

The Irish Times (premier Irish quality paper)

National Geographic

The New Statesman (online version of excellent British political weekly)

The New York Times (quality east coast US daily)

The Newseum's Today's Front Pages page (lets you view the current front pages of 116 newspapers from 21 different countries and then go to those newspapers via hyperlinks)

The News Hub (the news as it happens - in English and constantly updated - they claim every 15 minutes!)

NewsLink (links to huge numbers of newspapers in almost every country of the world)

The News Trawler (links to literally hundreds of news sources)

Private Eye (online version of British satirical magazine, including curious selection of links)

Scientific American

The Sun (downmarket British tabloid - frequently lurid!)

The Times and Sunday Times (respected right-wing British newspapers)

The Times Educational Supplement (online version of British weekly publication dealing with various aspects of education)

The Times Higher Educational Supplement (British higher education weekly)

The Times Literary Supplement (online version of British weekly publication dealing with all aspects of literature)

The Washington Post (quality US daily)

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