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The Internet can be intimidating for people who are new to it. At the following sites you can find a lot of clear and useful information which might demystify things for you. There is also plenty for the more experienced "technical type".

CALICO Review (reviews of software for ESL and other languages)

CALL@Hull (ICT resources for teachers and learners of languages in higher education)

Download.com (free downloads site)

European Computer Driving Licence (widely recognised formal qualification in the basics of ICT)

Homestead (website builder)

Indiana University Knowledge Base (database of the answers to 8500 questions about computing)

ICT4LT (ICT explaining and training with the needs of language teachers in mind)

Internet Detective (an online tutorial to foster skills of critical evaluation of websites)

Joe Bartaís Web design and HTML Tutorials (highly recommended starter kit for website design)

John Higgins' Links (documents and courses on CALL, web skills)

The Journey Inside (from Intel - a good introduction to computers, the Internet, and how they work - comes with resources for using the site for educational purposes)

Language Learning and Technology (not exactly light reading - a serious academic journal - but some good articles and reviews)

Mantex archive (news and reviews of books in the academic/ICT area)

Microsoft Internet Guide

Teaching English with Technology (online journal produced in Poland, in English, with useful resources - can be received as a regular email)

The Teaching Library (advice on using the Web for research)

UK Internet Guide (beginnerís guide to all aspects of the Internet - clear and concise)

Using The Internet (useful "getting started" site)

Vance Stevensí Home Page (all sorts of interesting stuff connected with CALL and the technology-language learning area)

Webmonkey (basics of website design)

Web Teacher Tutorial (informative and comprehensive introduction)

Writing HTML (good step-by-step tutorial for creating web pages in HTML from the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction)

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