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Some of the following sites were recommended by Gerlinde Buchberger in an excellent article in "ELT News" 40 in February 2000. Others are taken from elsewhere. All are of value, I hope.

Advanced Composition for Non-native Speakers of English (practice in different essay styles and examples of students’ work)

The American Heritage Book of English Usage ("A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English" - usage guide published 1996)

The Campaign for Plain English (organisation dedicated to the struggle against prolixity and bullshit - teaching/learning resources, campaigns, ‘Golden Bull’ award, ‘gobbledygook generator’, and more - interesting and fun)

Charles Darling’s Guide to Grammar and Writing (clear explanations, examples, quizzes, and links - a rich resource)

Citation Styles online (very good on citation styles for online resources in academic writing)

The International Writing Exchange (online international writing programme for students, organised by Ruth Vilmi of Helsinki University of Technology - up and running since 1993)

Mantex (downloadable style guides for writing)

Online Writing Collaboration Project (step-by-step approach to writing with plenty of support)

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (advice on writing various types of essay – clearly laid out and readable)

Poets & Writers Online (creative writing resources)

Principles of Composition (really comprehensive site with the Principles of Composition, with detailed advice on how to build up various types of written texts, and a good Guide To Grammar and Writing, with explanations, examples, and quizzes)

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (guide to effective process writing)

Sources - their use and acknowledgement (comprehensive guide from Dartmouth University)

Teaching Writing Strategies (good collection of practical resources for a "soup-to-nuts" approach to teaching writing)

University of Alberta Libraries Guide to Cyber-Plagiarism (useful advice on how to deal with the Web being used to cut corners in writing assignments! There is also a set of citation and style guides for Internet references)

The Writer’s Complex (from Empire State College – includes useful tips on essay writing and a good section on punctuation)

Writers' Workshop (grammar handbook, style tips, links and more)

Writing Argumentative Essays (a complete online course designed in Australia)

Writing Den (straightforward and clear advice on writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays)

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