Many (though not all) online journals provide only abstracts or a few articles as a "taster" to encourage subscription to the print version. The following selection endeavours to highlight those that do more than this.

Newsletter of the AILA Scientific Commission on Learner Autononomy in Language Learning (useful information for teachers interested in autonomy – contacts, groups, conferences, publications etc – annual publication going back to 1994)

Applied Linguistics (complete list of abstracts to date)

Developing Teachers (good monthly newsletter - go here to read the current issue and back issues and to subscribe)

ELT News (online journal from Japan but also of interest to teachers elsewhere - resources include an e-newsletter and a series of interviews with well-known people in the ELT field)

ELT Newsletter (articles, teaching tips, discussion groups…)

English Language Teaching Journal (abstracts only)

English Teaching Professional (information and a few articles)

ESL Magazine Online (website of a bimonthly print magazine - perhaps the most interesting aspect is that it includes a good collection of useful articles)

English for Specific Purposes World (international e-journal devoted to ESP, launched June 2002)

FELT Newsletter (newsletter of the Forum for English Language Teachers in Ireland - some interesting articles of general interest, also archive of back issues)

Humanising Language Teaching (online magazine from Pilgrims in the UK with articles, practical ideas etc)

Internet TESL Journal (monthly based in Japan)

JALTCALL online (home page of TESOL Japan CALL Special Interest Group - resources include back issues of newsletters with useful articles and reviews)

JLL (three online journals at one site – the Journals of Linguistics and Linguistics, Language and Literature, and Language and Learning)

John Higgins’ Links (associations, journals, publishers, email lists etc)

Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning (from New Jersey City University in the USA - online journal dating back to 1993)

JSTOR (Journal Storage - back issues of over 100 scholarly journals in a range of disciplines)

Language and Civil Society (from the same people as "Forum" magazine - lesson plans on civic education and related topics, including cross-cultural awareness)

Language Learning and Technology (not exactly light reading - a serious academic journal - but some good articles and reviews)

Modern English Teacher (online edition of practically-oriented publication for teachers - includes a selection of articles from what remains primarily a paper-based resource)

Oxford University Press (full list of all journals published by OUP)

The Reading Matrix (online-only journal focusing on aspects of reading in a foreign language in particular and other issues related to foreign language learning and teaching)

Scottish Languages Review (online journal dealing with language education in Scotland, but of interest to teachers elsewhere as well – current and all back issues available)

The Teacher Trainer (website of ‘dead tree’ publication for teacher trainers now has an online archive of excellent articles from back issues – just follow the link from ‘Library and books’)

Teaching English with Technology (online journal produced in Poland, in English, with useful resources - can be received as a regular email)

The TEFL Web Journal (online journal for teachers as researchers)

TESL-EJ (online specialist journal dating back to 1994 - articles, reviews etc)

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